“Soul Retrieval is for everyone who wants to deepen his or her connection to self, to loved ones, to the earth”  Sandra Ingerman

Is Soul Retrieval for you?  Do you feel fragmented in some way or that an essential part of yourself is missing?  Do you have a gap in your memory?  After a major surgery or illness do you still feel ‘spaced out’?  After leaving a love relationship, do you feel as though something was left behind or taken from you?  Do you have chronic illness?  Depression?  Unable to give or receive love deeply?  Suffer from addictions?

So what are we actually seeking when we ponder Souls Health?

The meaning of life?     Our life’s purpose?  Where do I fit in?

Really we are looking for our true since of self, the feeling of wholeness and belonging. This comes from inside, when we are all here whole inside, then we feel peaceful, secure and in harmony with the greater universe; all that is. We create the life we want to live.

We have doctors and therapist for our physical body, and our mental states—Who takes care of our Spirit when it gets sick?   A person that deals with spiritual aspects of illness is a Shaman.

A Shaman is a person who makes a journey into an altered state of consciousness outside of time and space, for a client, family member, friend or the community. Through this journey they retrieve aid, in the form of Power Animals, Spirit Guides, Lost Aspects of the Soul and information for healing. They have themselves a deep connection and working relationship with their Power Animals and Guides, they earn this through many years of experience journeying and rites of initiations. I use the drum beat to take me into this altered state.

Before I can talk about the actual Soul Retrieval process, let us first address what Soul Loss is and how most of us have varying degrees of this condition.

Soul Loss is a spiritual illness that causes emotional and physical dis-ease’.  Sandra Ingerman

Some indications of Soul Loss are Depression, Addiction, Anxiety disorders, Phobias, Self-Esteem issues, and varied degrees of Mental Illness.

How does Soul Loss occur?

There are many ways this can happen I’ll go through some of the most common ones.

First let’s talk about trauma, something that has happened to us in the past we just didn’t want to cope with or can’t cope, at the time. So we unconsciously slough off part of ourselves. It is a coping mechanism.

Some other modern day events for Soul Loss may include, physical and or mental abuse, loss of a job, divorce, accidents, loss of a Loved one, natural disasters, wartime experiences, financial misfortune, major illness and surgery, Incest, Rape, it could have even been your teacher in the 4th grade embarrassing you in front of the class for not doing your homework She may have said you were a horrible student and would never learn how to spell correctly, your Soul accepted that she was telling you the truth and that part of yourself that is the speller left, then your whole life you are a terrible speller, others thought of you as not being very smart then you believed it and may have dropped out of school altogether –

Another very common way we lose Soul parts is through Soul Stealing. Sometimes this happens in relationships where one party keeps a piece of the other.  A scorned partner because they still want to be connected to the other.

The flip side of Soul Stealing is when we voluntarily give a piece of our self away to another. Maybe when a loved one dies the surviving Soul may try to join the deceased out of grief and Love, giving a piece of themselves.

There are no unwilling victims here, we give in to others, it may be in Love or friendship or even professional relationships.

“Here is part of my Soul”

Now will you Love ME?

Now will you need me?

Now will you recognize me?

So what kind of future are we creating if we are stuck in our past?

When we are whole we have a strong since of self and do not need to chain others to us or give parts of ourselves away

Now let me tell you how the Soul Retrieval is done.

You are up for three appointments with me. The first one we will discuss what SR is and how it all works. I will go on an exploratory journey and ask my helping Spirits if we can work with you.

Second Appointment is the actual Soul Retrieval Ceremony, you will need to bring a witness a support person/persons with you. To welcome home your parts.

Now for a Soul Retrieval to be successful you need the Soul part to agree to come back with you to your client. I do this through a win-win intention and trust, also of-course with major help from my Power Animal and Spirit Guide.

Then after a month we will have a follow-up appointment to see how you are doing and what kinds of ongoing support you have in your life.

Now some people feel effects right away. Others feel little at the time and when we speak later they tell me of how things have changed in their life for the better.

I say to give yourself 3 months before making a decision on how the Soul Retrieval worked and sometimes it is up to a year to feel the full effects of one.

Remember I will bring back the pure essence the pure light force of you not the damage.  What is important to remember is the parts came back, the real gift.

Soul Retrieval will require a commitment of three appointments:


Before Interview:  Is Soul Retrieval for you?  What Soul Retrieval involves.  Can be done by phone


Soul Retrieval Ceremony:  Will take around 2 hours, to be done with Rhonda at Cuppacumbalong Tharwa ACT or agreed place.  This is a place where support people are recommended– so bring one or more friends or family members to be witness to this healing.


After Retrieval check-up:  Around a month after Soul Retrieval. How have you felt since the Soul Retrieval.  Considerations for ongoing support.