In this session Rhonda uses her hands on healing skills to tap into your Aura, she will guide you in a process of clearing away any energies you are carrying that are no longer useful to you. She believes there is only one energy in the universe it is how we perceive and use it that makes it bad/good or negative/positive. This will clear and open your Chakra’s, get them moving and running in harmony again.

Together we will bring in all the colours of the Chakra’s/Aura, then repair any puncture wounds, rips or tears. Lastly we will put a protection band around you so any energies coming your way that are not beneficial will bounce off and return to its source.


  • Feeling lighter in the body and mind
  • More centred and relaxed
  • Can have mental and emotional shifts in consciousness
  • Clearer perception of where you are at now in your life
  • Feelings of being protected and more secure.