As we approach the end of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere it is such a great pleasure to take a walk in Nature to enjoy the falling leaves.

The morning light came through the Maple tree and I started to ponder falling leaves again.  This has been on my mind the last few days. The cycle of leaves. So I went around taking pictures of different stages of leaf growth.  Looking at the leaves I noticed some are still green, vibrant, beautiful energetic leaves, some have turned to the rich orange and yellows of autumn. Others have succumbed to viruses or disease. Looking closely I see some have been eaten by our relations for nourishment; their food.  I also saw some starting to shrivel as their life matures.

Then I wondered, what stage of growth am I in today? I chose to be the leaf that is green, vibrant, able to do its job collecting the sun’s energy and transferring it to the tree cells, who it is part of and supports. As I think about it I understand that I chose to be that leaf, with my thinking I could also have chosen to be the leaf that is retiring. What does this tell me about myself? It says I am full of life force energy today, ready and willing to take responsibility for who and what I am; enjoying life to my fullest ability. We can only be what we think we are. Even though my physical age is getting on in life and my body maturing I still can choose to be what I want to be in the moment.

Each stage of leaf growth is important like the stages of life growth. In the spring new baby leaves form from tender buds, if the weather is too harsh these new leaves may freeze or frizzle, never growing to their full potential. A comparison could be as a new born baby buds into a small child if their environment is not supportive they may grow damaged and have anxiety or trust issues. Did you know before the age of 7 we have made up our minds and set our beliefs and values for life? These are very hard to reverse or change as you get older, although with some conscious work we can do this!

In the Summer the leaves are in full production collecting the sun’s rays feeding the cells and supporting the tree. Like life as we get into young adulthood we are full of potential and productive finding our way and then supporting the community.

In Autumn the leaves start to change colour maturing starting to fall from the tree. This can be another challenging time, our bodies are starting to slow down. Even though our minds still think as Spring/Summer. So we go through a huge metamorphosis in this time of our life. Now is when we really get into the wisdom stage, all those years of learning being productive is now being shared as a Mentor.

Then Winter arrives as the fallen leaves decompose under their tree, they provide protection and insulation for the roots as mulch for the upcoming cold winter. Through the process of decomposing, those same leaves will provide valuable soil health and nutrients in the spring for the trees to draw upon. In this stage of life we realize our time left here in this life is limited. We share stories of where we have been what we have done so we leave memories to our ancestors’ to use as their growth develops.

Message from the Leaves

“Honour all the stages of your life. Live to your fullest potential, enjoying the process. We are all so very important to the over-all web of all that is.” The Leaves, channelled by Rhonda D.

What stage of leaf growth are you in today?

by Rhonda D Whetham Wisdomkeeper