Aroma Drum Journey training is about empowering yourself through Drum Journeying, learning and experiencing Shamanic Healing techniques, Initiations and Aromatherapy for support; to broaden your perception. These bring to you incredible heartfelt wisdom from your Spirit Guides and Ancestors. In this second level we will be delving deeper into our innate abilities passed on by Ancestors or Past Lives that are encoded into our DNA.

In this level you will:

  • undertake more Shamanic Drum Journeys
  • meeting Ancestors to awaken your forgotten healing abilities
  • go on a Journey into one of your past lives when you were a healer
  • experience the Dismemberment Initiation and then merge with your Power Animal
  • receive the next 3 Munay-Ki Rites of the Inca Shaman:
    • The Seers Rite, Installs filament of light extending your visual cortexThe Daykeeper Rite, Connects to the Ancient Stone Alters and Scared Sites on Earth.
    • The Wisdomkeeper Rite, Connects to the Ancient Medicine Keepers and helps you step outside of time to taste infinity.
    • These bring deeper understanding of who you are, the wisdom to embody those talents and how you will make use of them. You will also have opportunities to work with the others in the group.

Rhonda D. Whetham trained in Shamanic Journeying in 1992, in Eugene, Oregon; a direct lineage of Sandra Ingerman from the Foundation of Shamanic Studies / Reiki Master / Diploma of Aromatherapy / Plant Spirit Medicine / Practitioner of Soul Retrieval / Mentor Life Coach / Seed carrier of the Munay-ki; the 9 rights of the Incan Shaman from the lineage of the ’ Laika’ – the original healers of the Andes.

Bookings essential.  Please see the Course Calendar for available dates and booking information.