‘Choose to fall deeper in love with your life.

Aroma Journey training is about empowering yourself; it boosts self-confidence and brings you incredible heartfelt wisdom. It clears away the clutter of the past and is a pathway to healing and manifesting the life you want, giving you a sense of ease and joy deep inside. Aroma Journey training is a combination of Aromatherapy, Shamanic Drum Journeying, learning Urban Shaman Healing techniques and Initiations.

In this first level you will learn:

  • How to go on a Shaman Drum Journey safely, what you may experience and going to each of the three worlds.
  • You will also go on several guided visualisation Drum Journeys.  One will be an initiation by merging into the elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
  • You will meet one of your Personal Power Animals and what that means to you in everyday life.
  • Connect and interact with your Spirit Guides and Plant Allies.
  • You will receive the seeds of the first 3 Munay-Ki Rites of the Inca Shamans (Initiations of Empowerment & Rites of passage): The Healers Rite, The Bands of Power and The Harmony Rite.

Rhonda D. Whetham trained in Shamanic Journeying in 1992, in Eugene, Oregon; a direct lineage of Sandra Ingerman from the Foundation of Shamanic Studies / Reiki Master / Diploma of Aromatherapy / Plant Spirit Medicine / Practitioner of Soul Retrieval / Mentor Life Coach / Seed carrier of the Munay-ki; the 9 rights of the Incan Shaman from the lineage of the ’ Laika’ – the original healers of the Andes.

Bookings essential.  Please see the Course Calendar for available dates and booking information.