Claiming Your Personal Vitality: A Day Exploring your Aura and Energy Centres the Chakras

Realign you body’s Vital Energies

  • Understand your Energetic System
  • What are energy blockages and how to release them
  • Learn the connections between each Chakra and our physical organs, relationships and self-development
  • Awakening the Chakras through a guided visualization/meditation
  • “Journey into your Aura” CD – receive this take home CD to use for continual balancing of your Chakras, cleansing and repairing your Aura

Knowledge about the Chakras and your Aura, keeping them spinning and clean can help you stay healthy, energized, clears your mind, and helps you cope easier with everyday life situations.

Cost: $97

Rhonda D. Whetham trained in Shamanic Journeying in 1992, in Eugene, Oregon; a direct lineage of Sandra Ingerman from the Foundation of Shamanic Studies / Reiki Master / Diploma of Aromatherapy / Plant Spirit Medicine / Practitioner of Soul Retrieval / Mentor Life Coach / Seed carrier of the Munay-ki; the 9 rights of the Incan Shaman from the lineage of the ’ Laika’ – the original healers of the Andes.

Bookings essential.  Please see the Course Calendar for available dates and booking information.