The Winter Journey: The Season of the Cocoon – Appearance of Robin

by Rhonda D. Whetham

This post is about using the rest of Winter as an opportunity to reset your desires, your dreams and your physical body to get ready for Spring.

The Winter is the time of year that the sunlight is the weakest and the days are the shortest. This is the time when nature takes a rest, when plants/trees retreat their energy and their sap into the Earth for replenishment. This is also the time of year that we naturally need to take a rest a pause from the busyness of life. Time to reflect, into our consciousness, upon ourselves and what is happening in our life. What is working for our highest good and what is not working.

Weaving the cocoon to journey within is a process of introspection, defining boundaries and then setting intentions. It is a process of going into the inner silence seeing the wisdom into who and what we are now, getting to know yourself.

It is best to remember to be the observer while doing this, getting out of our emotional damages being non-judgemental, taking responsibility for what is yours and leaving the rest, will make this process much easier.

Introspection is … Read the rest

Falling Leaves

As we approach the end of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere it is such a great pleasure to take a walk in Nature to enjoy the falling leaves.

The morning light came through the Maple tree and I started to ponder falling leaves again.  This has been on my mind the last few days. The cycle of leaves. So I went around taking pictures of different stages of leaf growth.  Looking at the leaves I noticed some are still green, vibrant, beautiful energetic leaves, some have turned to the rich orange and yellows of autumn. Others have succumbed to viruses or disease. Looking closely I see some have been eaten by our relations for nourishment; their food.  I also saw some starting to shrivel as their life matures.

Then I wondered, what stage of growth am I in today? I chose to be the leaf that is green, vibrant, able to do its job collecting the sun’s energy and transferring it to the tree cells, who it is part of and supports. As I think about it I understand that I chose to be that leaf, with my thinking I could also have chosen to be the leaf that is … Read the rest